How to Draw Anime Cartoon

by ryan on June 25, 2017


How to Draw Anime Cartoon


Female characters are regularly the main characters in Anime and exhibit a various array of personalities, looks and characteristics that make them exclusive and attractive to fans. They have been shy, dangerous, tender, loyal, powerful and vulnerable.

Here’s a step-by-step method of drawing your very own female Anime characters.



When you want to draw picture of an anime cartoon you’ll begin with tough sketching first, but i drew this anime with pen i’ll let you know were to begin here with this picture.

1. Begin with the face of the anime cartoon, draw a line down and a line across as you can see where the eyes, nose and lips are these are your guide lines so draw them calmly you’ll be able to rub them out later.

2. Now put within the eyes, nose and lips draw the rest of her face, begin from the left handed eye, (your left) not the pictures left and start to draw as in the event you were going to draw a circle, to your guide line, then draw slightly round shape for the chin work your means up the opposite side of the face to were the ear is and stop.

3. Draw the ear, draw the opposite ear smaller you then draw within the hair and body quite simple as you possibly can see.

4. Now go over your pencil, with pen when completed rub out all of your pencil .


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