Make your own cartoon book

by ryan on February 8, 2018


Make your own cartoon books


All creative processes require some level of inspiration – drawing cartoons is no exception. That inspiration can come from things you see or hear, it can come from viewing the work of others… but it can also come from within yourself – you can inspire yourself through your own achievements.

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Here are two simple ways you can maximize the enjoyment of your own work, creating a greater feeling of achievement, and ultimately inspiring yourself to keep up the good work.

Make your own cartoon book.

Images of Cartoon Lessons:

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  • how-to-draw-comics-expressions
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  • misc-faces-skull-chick-jump-drawings
  • clowns-how-to-draw-comics
  • comic_book_face-how-to-draw-comics
  • comic_book_faceshow-to-draw-comics
  • fat-face-how-to-draw-comics

Invest in a good hardcover book with blank pages, and carefully paste your best cartoons into it. You can photocopy your originals in any format or size you want and place one or several cartoons on each page.

Take your lay-out ideas from professionally published cartoon books and make your own version. Design a cover with an original title and your name, and of course a cartoon (photoshop, or any similar program is good for this), and print this out big enough to wrap around the whole book-cover (like they do with professional hard-cover artbooks..).

Add an introductionary text and an author bio., and it’s ready for the coffee-table.

Alternatively – and this is the most professional way – have it made up for you. It’s very popular, and easy now to get your holiday photos printed in book form, by your local photo-developing service. And there’s no reason you can’t do this with drawings and cartoons. The results are fantastic and well worth the expense.

Whichever way you choose, having your own book to look at and to share, to lay on the coffee table or to stand in the bookshelf among your other favorite books, helps you to appreciate your work more and visualize your true potential – and it makes you feel like a professional cartoonist.

Frame and hang your cartoons.

Many of the most successful cartoons by famous cartoonists are viewed as artworks – they get published in books, printed as cards and posters, and they get to hang in galleries and museums. You can do the same with your own cartoons.

Put a couple of your personal favorites into good frames, set off with a classy passpartout, and hang them on your wall. Then notice how serious you begin to feel about the quality and value of your work.

Presentation is the icing on the cake of your creative accomplishments. Take yourself and your work seriously, and be proud of your cartoons.

Everything looks better when presented well. These may sound like simple tricks to make you feel good, but feeling good is the key to inner inspiration and motivation.

And it works!


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