How to draw Wolverine cartoon

by ryan on June 29, 2017


How to draw Wolverine cartoons


Now, you can easily draw wolverine as we explained the complete procedure and steps to draw wolverine cartoon. There are several cartoon characters that we love, but there are few that we love to draw as well. Wolverine from X-Men is such a character. Go further to know how to draw wolverine cartoon.

Starting from the comic book to the movie itself, we have admired the character everywhere. The yellow costume and the big mask are the main attraction for kids. You will get several styles of drawing the same cartoon character, so you can follow any one of them that you feel is easy.

But remember to start off your sketch with pencil lightly and smoothly because in case something goes wrong you can rub it off comfortably.

How to draw wolverine cartoon

Steps to follow to draw Wolverine cartoon

Now it’s time to get started with the drawing of the cartoon character Wolverine.

1. Draw a circle first which marks the head of Wolverine.

2. Now just below the circle, draw the alphabet U, connecting the circle which is the outline of the chin and jaw.

3. In order to draw the neck you need to draw curved lines on both sides of the head.

4. Draw a straight line in the middle of the head so that it divides the head into equal halves vertically, then a curved line placed horizontally in the lower part of the circle and small line in the space which is in the center of the U-shaped arc.

5. To make the eyes, draw small ovals on both sides of vertical lines.

6. The Wolverine has furrowed eyebrows and for that you need angled line which curves in the middle.

7. Make the edges of the oval dark to make the eyes and them small diagonal lines underneath to make bags under the eyes.

8. Draw a wide V to make his nose.

9. Now join the tip of the nose with furrowed eyebrows by numbers of vertical line.

10. Draw the mouth (which is a small line that has a downward bend) based on the horizontal lines drawn in step 4

11. Darken the U-shape to outline the chin and jaw, while doing that broaden the sides

12. Now for the mask, two horizontal lines need to be drawn inside its face on either side of the nose and two vertical lines touching the jaw on either side of the mouth

13. Start a curve line just above one eyebrow and stretch it over the head, it should be repeated on the other side too giving it a U or V shape

14. Now make a curve line from either side of the jaws and join it to the ones you have drawn in the early step

15. It’s time to darken the circle top to complete the mask and head

16. In order to make the neck, chin and jaw distinct, you have to darken the lines that you have drawn in the first place

17. If you want to add more wrinkles to his face, then just add some more lines to it and you will be done

18. To give it a proper look, you can complete the sketch with pen and if you have any extra lines, then you can clear that with the help of eraser

The cartoon is complete, but if you want to add details, then you can add color to it. Color his skin in peach, flaps of the mask in black and the rest in yellow.

I hope the article would help those who are looking to draw wolverine cartoon.


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