Learn to draw funny cartoons and more

by ryan on February 5, 2018


Learn to draw funny cartoons and more


Learn to draw funny cartoons and more. See below. So what Is a funny drawing a cartoon? Does a cartoon have to be a humoristic drawing? Is there a difference between a humoristic drawing and a cartoon?

Personally, I see funny drawing as a specific branch of cartooning – whereby the drawing itself, and not necessarily the message, is the source of the humor. In the same way you can say something funny with a “play-on-words”, so can a drawing be a “play-on-lines”.

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I invite you to view the work of Paul Flora: http://www.paulflora.com , and Ronald Searle (especially his “cats”): http://www.ronaldsearle.co.uk These are two of my favorite drawing artists, and they are cartoonists.

Cartoon Drawings Examples:

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Their work doesn’t rely on words or action or any recognizable stereotypical gag scenarios. They are caricatural, expressionistic drawings based on themes and subjects that lie close to their hearts.

The images can be simple or intricate, the humor light or dark, the themes basic or deep. Each artist has had a thought, a feeling, an emotion, and built this out into a sketch, a scribble, an artwork that reflects the humor that lies in the essence of humanity.

Humoristic drawing has no bounderies, no rules, no specific technique… it is the abstract expression of humor.

I intend to cover funny drawing in more detail in later posts; for now though I just invite you to enjoy the work of these two extraordinary “cartoonists”, learn about the people they were inspired by, and enjoy the realization of just how immense the range of cartooning can be.


Drawing Cartoon Tutorials – Revamping old cartoon gags

Are you stuck for something to draw, or out of funny ideas for your cartoons? Here’s a simple solution: Look up some old cartoon gags and revamp them… bring them up to date.

Think of all the old classic movies that have been remade for the simple reason that they were great stories… just dated. Remakes are popular, and they save having to think up something new – why let a good idea fade away and die?

old cartoon gags
The same can be done with cartoons. Many old cartoon gags are just as relevant today as they were in their own times – what comes around goes around! But the drawing styles, and the way cartoonists formulated their texts in bygone eras are all so out of date.

But you can update them. Re-draw them with modern settings and characters, and add some modern language and expressions.

In the process you’ll probably discover new associations which inspire new, original cartoons. So take a look through the archives of some popular cartoon sources as newspapers and magazines – see what you can come up with.


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