How To Draw Anything Step By Step


How To Draw a DRAGON Step By Step


Dragons are fun to draw but also difficult. The diagram/ photos below take you step by step in each square to show you the process of drawing a DRAGON.

Dragons Step By Step:



How To Draw a ROSE Step By Step



How To Draw a CAT Step By Step



Drawing a cat is SIMPLE. Simply follow these instructions to get started.

Step 1. Draw a circle shape for the head.

Step 2. Use a S Curve to get the spine and also use a S shape to draw in the lines of the cats legs.

Step 3. The body of the cat should be between 3 and 5 heads in length.

Step 4. Draw bigger circles/ spheres to draw in the chest and hips of the cat.

Step 5. Add the legs to the chest and hips. Step 5.b. attach a tail to the cats rear.

Step 6. start connecting all the shapes and start forming a solid figure of the car.

Refer to the photos below for more info.

Last step – Step 7. Add shadow and render the body. ( Note: To make the car drawing look more realistic, add patterns or lines in the fur of the cat to make it look unique.

How To Draw a Horse Step By Step




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How To Draw A Dog – Tutorial



Drawing animals can be hard for beginners especial a DOG or PUPPY. The tutorial below show you how to begin drawing the dogs head with a sphere and progresses throughout.

As you can see the snout is the hardest part and is cylinder shaped.

Here a few DISNEY DOG examples to get you started in getting form and shape of a dog in cartoon type style.


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