How to draw Chota Bheem Cartoon

by ryan on August 1, 2017


How to draw Chota Bheem Cartoons


What cartoons exactly are? They are nothing just a part of someone’s imaginary mind. Someone or the other like us has their imagination behind every cartoon and every cartoon show that you watch on TV. It needs lots of patience to put a character on a cartoon but at the end of the day it leaves smile on the face of many kids. Many kids become happy with the sketches of cartoons only and love to do that.

So, you must know how to draw a cartoon or how to draw cartoons or How to draw Chota Bheem cartoon.

The best companion of our childhood, our best pass time was nothing other than watching and drawing cartoons. It may be Mickey Mouse, Donald duck or any other characters like chota bheem. Now-a-days Indian cartoon characters are more loved than the old Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Noddy and Bob the builder.


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Indian cartoon characters like Chota Bheem and Krishna are the most popular cartoon shows at present. Chota Bheem gains the most TRP’s than any other cartoon shows in television. But how to draw a cartoon of home ground circuit? Let’s have a look on it; first of all we will start with Chota bheem. So, let’s proceed towards the step by step tutorial to draw Chota Bheem or how to draw Chota Bheem cartoon.

Draw three lines as per head, body and base of the cartoon. Just draw it as you write capital I.

Then draw head and bottom.
Draw upper body and then placed the legs.
Place the eyes, nose, and mouth.
Place the arms properly
Draw ears and cheeks.
Draw Dhoti and hair.
Make the final drawing with all the features of Bheem.
At last don’t forget to erase all the rough work you have done before.
The finalize Chota Bheem would be like this.


How to draw Chota Bheem Cartoon

Chota Bheem is an Indian cartoon character who is well known for his strength and his presence of mind. Every episode of Chota bheem teaches your kid a new good habit. All the episodes of Chota Bheem are based on good manners, good habits, and positive thinking.

Before Chota Bheem was launched no one has expected that any of the Indian culture based cartoon character or cartoon TV show can do so well in the market of cartoon characters.

And now the fever of Chota Bheem is so high in kids that this show is now released in movie and it is also dubbed in English for kids of English speaking countries.

No matter what is the base of the cartoon or from which background the cartoon character is but what matters is the knowledge that you get from the cartoon show or the character.

For kids Chota Bheem is a super hero now days as he can fight against anybody and any unfair fact. The king of Bheem’s native place is also fond of Bheem and appreciates him a lot for his bravery. From the first day of its release Bheem and his friends are ruling the heart of small kids with their amazing adventurous but meaningful episodes.

Another show like Chota Bheem is Krishna. This Cartoon Show is based on the tales of Lord Krishna and the cartoon is animated so well that kids keep on trying to draw the picture of young lord Krishna that is shown in the show.

These types of cartoon shows are good for our society as they are showing the religious as well as knowledgeable aspects. These shows are helping parents to make their kids a well behaved one with some other knowledge those are not present in books.

Cartoons are something that makes you laugh also what can be the best example than Tom and Jerry? Tom and Jerry is a tale of a Cat and a Rat who keeps on fighting but at the end of the day they unite and keep an example of good friendship before us. Like all other cartoon series Tom and Jerry series is also the one that has keep on teaching children and is teaching today also the lesson of true friendship.

“Power puff girls” was a cartoon series that have represented women empowerment. That cartoon series was a revolutionary one as there was no hero in that series. The total cartoon series was based on three girls who were the heroine of that cartoon series and their adventurous journey. The adventurous of “Power Puff” Girls was so thrilling that not only girls but boys also loved to watch this cartoon TV series.

Are your kids interested in watching cartoons? Then, let them do that as this will increase the power of imagination in them. Watching cartoons will also help them out in drawing cartoons as much perfect as they can.

So, what is your thought about cartoon shows and cartoon characters? I hope you all have positive response for the cartoon shows and cartoon characters that you get to watch on TV. When you have positive response for the cartoon shows then don’t hesitate and let your kids watch their favorite cartoon shows but keep it on mind that it should be on limit.

Hope the tutorial given above will help you to know the trick and techniques to draw a cartoon. I have provided you easiest guidelines to draw a cartoon. So, don’t delay and go for this tutorial that can make your kid the best one in drawing cartoon characters.

I think every parent desires to make their child good or the best in any activity. Then why not drawing? It is an art form that will make your kid put his or her imagination into a picture. Never hesitate to appreciate any talent of your kid, whether it is dancing or painting and so on.

And if your kid shows his or her interest towards drawing then, it’s a good choice and you should appreciate it too. And to teach them you can refer these kinds of tutorials that provide you information about various drawing techniques.

Apart from this overall tutorial you will get some specific tutorials like how to draw a funny face? Or, how to draw an angry face? Children would love drawing Chota Bheem cartoon. I hope tutorial on-“ how to draw cartoon or how to draw Chota Bheem cartoon would help you.


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