How to draw a cartoon monkey

by ryan on July 7, 2017


How to draw a cartoon monkeys


Animals are the factors that add interesting features in the cartoon shows. At present the cartoon that is most popular is Jaggu of Chota bheem. Jaggu is one of Bheem’s companions who is a monkey and entertains the kids watching the show. Many of you or your kids have tried to draw a cartoon monkey like Jaggu but failed to do so. So, this is article for those who want to draw Chota Bheem Jaggu monkey cartoon.

Well, for you guys I have good news and that is nothing other than the step by step method to draw a jaggu monkey. There are two type of shape of face of monkey. I am going to teach you two methods to draw a cartoon jaggu monkey. Let’s have a look on the first method that is an oval shaped monkey.

Take a glance:

Draw an ellipse and then add three circles on top of the ellipse.

Now, sketch eyes and nose of the monkey.

Then, draw other features of his face like mouth and ears.

Refine your sketch.

Erase the extra lines in the sketch and finalize your drawing.

Outline your sketch with a marker or black pen.

Create the expression of the monkey as per your wish. Feel free to do so. Like, you can draw an angry monkey or happy monkey.

Not only, expression you can draw the action as per your choice. Like a hanging monkey or a monkey sitting on a tree.

Now you are all done with your drawings and color it.

Here you are done with the oval shaped monkey but apart from this you can also draw a monkey of another shape. Now, here you go with the method to draw a round shaped monkey:

Draw an oval shaped circle and draw two more circles on its top.

Now, sketch a line around the outside of the shape you have drawn before.

Now, draw a circle that fits your previous drawing. It is the head of the monkey.

Then, on each side draw two circles that is attached to each other. This is the ear of the monkey.

Now, it’s turn for the nose of the monkey for that you have to draw a small oval shape in the middle of the monkey’s face.

Draw two small vertical lines that look like 11. These lines should be just above the nose of the monkey. These are the eyes of the monkey.

How to draw a cartoon jaggu monkey

Now, its time to draw the rest face feature of the monkey. You can draw it as per your wish. You can go for a sad face or smiling face. The expressions of the monkey depends how you want to draw them. It could be expressionless also.

Refine your drawing.

Erase all extra lines and finalize your drawing.

Once you are done with the drawing color it.

These were two steps that will help you out in drawing two types of monkey.

Animals are always been an important part of cartoon shows and so Jaggu is in Chota Bheem. Chota Bheem series is a story based on a 9 years old boy of Dholakpur name Bheem. Not only cartoon show there are two animation movies of Chota Bheem named Chota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan and Chota Bheem and the Throne of Bali.

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A boy name Kalia Pehlwan a 10 years old boy is the rival of Bheem in the series as he is jealous of Bheem’s intelligence and popularity. Along with the people of Dholakpur Bheem is also favorite of the emperor of Dholakpur named Raja Indraverma who has a daughter name Indumati.

Let’s know about the role of Jaggu, the monkey in this series. Jaggu is a monkey who can speak and he loves to play tricks against Dholu and Bholu. He has great sense of humor and problem solving capacity and using that he solves many problems with Bheem. He is the best companion of Bheem’s amongst all his companions.

I have found my nephew interested in the animal cartoon characters of the cartoon shows so I started surfing internet to know, how could I teach my nephew to draw cartoon animals? He is a great fond of Jaggu, the monkey from Chota Bheem.

That’s the reason I decided to teach him drawing a cartoon monkey first. This will make his excelled in drawing cartoon animals as well as he will be happy to draw the cartoon character he loves the most.

It’s our responsibility to encourage kids around us in every field. If they are interested towards drawing cartoons then also I will suggest you to help and encourage them. I try to put attention towards the extracurricular skills of every kid of my family.

Whether it is drawing, dancing, storytelling or something else the only thing that is needed is attention from elders. You should support your kids for every creative activity they want to do.

When it comes to drawing and painting it is one of the most creative activities your kids can go for at young age. These creative activities at young age will help your kids in developing their career in other creative works as cartoon artist, website designer and lots more.

Creativity is a quality that not everyone can carry and those who have it should use it properly. There are many opportunities waiting for you. You just need to have creativity and some extra knowledge like various programming languages for website designing and little bit of drawing for cartoon artist.

These two options are not the only options for showing your creativity to the world, the list is very long but these two are at the top of the list. Now day’s animation is also very popular it is just the way to put your drawn cartoons into movement. You can also choose animation as your career. Voices are provided to these animated cartoons to make it more interesting for the viewers of every age group.


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