How to draw shoes cartoon

by ryan on July 5, 2017


How To Draw Shoes Cartoons


Drawing shoes cartoon is not an easy thing as like other cartoons. Shoes are actually made of leather, a heel, a tongue and the outsole. Laces are also a very important part of the shoes. You can also try to draw different kind of shoes such as running shoes, sport shoes or high heels shoe and so on.

They all have meticulous challenges. But in general, this step by step tutorial gives you the tips you need to draw any of them rather effortlessly.

As many beginning cartoonists realize rapidly, drawing shoes cartoon can be a great thing. It entails taking real life as fashion and translating it into a cartoon drawing. Along with requiring fashion sense, cartoonists need precise knowledge of human anatomy to create eye catching shoe cartoons. The best way to prevail over this hurtle is to use the basic elements of cartoon. After receiving a grip on these principles, beginning artists can speedily produce their own show cartoons.

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You will learn how to draw a realistic article, for that you need to learn to see and understand structure and viewpoint. But for general drawing, you only need to learn the basics, and practice so that you can develop a feel for it. If you enjoy outlook drawing, it can be enjoyable to experiment with!

The key to drawing shoes on any foot is to find out the view such as down view, eye level and so on, what place they are, and what kind of shoe the person is wearing. If you are hesitant how to draw the foot, you can follow this step by step tutorial. If you are going to sketch feet with plane soles, which are at the inferior level of the ankle contrasted to the ground.

What you essentially carry out is to sketch the foot outline, and illustrate the shoe over it, and erase the foot outline. An example for cartoon shoe is shown below.

Drawing comic feet and shoes requires nothing more than a good look at your own feet and shoes. You have to study them, evaluate them with the drawings in this step by step tutorial, and look for more likeness from a comic point of view. Even though it would facilitate, there is no need to know the structure of the foot, just copy your own and draw them to make them into cartoon feet. Your feet can become illustrious.

You have to decide if your shoes are one big picture or divided into divisions. Then either locate some basis material and start drawing it out on a piece of paper or just start drawing on the paper. Also, when drawing on the paper make an effort and sketch it to some extent. Now I drew mine but for all of you not artists tracing is perfectly suitable too as long as you are not making money off it.

Let us learn how to draw shoes cartoon step by step.

Step 1:

In this step, you have to do is to draw out the boxy looking shapes for your shoe styles that you will be sketching. This type of step by step tutorial is great because you can choose to draw just one or two styles and you can draw all the styles you see here.

Step 2:

In this step, you have to sketch select which type of shoes you are going to sketch. After that, you need to sketch the front part of the shoe. Next, draw the upper part of the cartoon shoe which is the material that makes out the top part of the shoe.

You will then start drawing out the border that will seize your lace holes. After completing that, you can then sketch the circles for the reverse sneaker as well as the laces and bigger sole line design. For the heeled cartoon shoe, all you have to do is to sketch the outline and style of the design you are going for. After that, illustrate the shapes of the feet which embrace toes and all.

Step 3:

In this step, you have to sketch out the definite shape of the bottom sole of your cartoon shoe on both sneakers and then sketch the backs of the cartoon shoe as well. For this, you must sketch the outline for the shoe cartoons and then draw a circle in the back of the shoe. Draw the straps on the ladies switchblade and then aspect the back of the shoe too. Add an ankle on the barefoot and then sketch the sandals for the tumble and some of the solitary.

Step 4:

In this step, you have to do is erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Next draw the lace holes and then draw the lining for the heel counter.

Let us move to the next step.

Step 5:

In this step, you have to color your shoes cartoon to look like real one. You can color your shoes with any of the color brown or black.

When you completed your sketch of your cartoon shoes, it should come out looking like this. I hope you liked this step by step tutorial on “how to draw shoes cartoon”.

You should follow some tips while drawing your shoes cartoon.

You have to start with the ‘foreground’ first.

If you are nervous about bleeding or anything else start with something unimportant, usually for the heels. Also remember with the heels that if you are like me and slide off your shoes with your feet the heels are going to get pretty beat up so don’t put anything too important there and try to use dark colors.

Put the light colors that way if you mess up hopefully you can just dark color over it. But don’t stress out, it happens. I hope How to draw shoes cartoon would help you.

Personalize it! That’s why your making the shoes isn’t it?


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