How to draw cartoon chicken

by ryan on July 16, 2017


How to draw cartoon chickens


Know how to draw cartoon chicken. Everyone loves baby animals especially baby chicken and duck chicks. They are delectable and not very hard to draw. In this step by step tutorial, I will show you how to draw cartoon chicken. Here, in this step by step tutorial we will use familiar shapes such as numbers and letters to sketch how to draw this baby cartoon chicken.

Drawing a chicken cartoon takes only a little imagination and a keenness to have fun. This is one of the easiest illustrations to identify and there are no special skills needed to produce this funny cartoon chicken. A few effortless steps will be all you need to draw a cartoon chicken.


Chickens can take wing on a very short distance only. The earth is more populated with more chickens than humans. Before we practice to draw a cartoon chicken, let’s study a little bit more the structure of this lovely animal.

Chicken consists of small wings and a cute tail made of feathers. The neck of chicken is rather long while the beak of chicken is small. The shanks are small and each foot has three toes. Decomposing our cartoon chicken into shapes shows us two main circles for the body and the head.

You have to notice how the body looks like a large egg. On the other hand, the legs and the beak of cartoon chicken are made of several triangles and rectangles. The tail is not really big so a little rectangle will be enough.

It seems only right; knowing how to draw a cartoon chicken is a must with respect to drawing cartoon animals. Well, here it is! And with respect to the definite drawing method, I decided to modify things to a little. In other lessons, you will use a variety of shapes to form a structure. Sometimes, there is no framework at all. Well, here we are going to generate our drawing using only one easy shape.

So then, all you need to do first is outline a circle on the page. Keep it pleasant and simple as just like with other frameworks, you will be erasing it at the very end. You have to keep in mind; the sphere in the drawing is to be used as an indication point. All parts of your cartoon chicken will essentially be an expansion of this one shape.

Using one simple shape is an effective way to help see the structure of what you are cartooning. And you can carry out this with anything truly, an outsized oval for a cow, a long rectangle for a crocodile; there are plenty of possibilities for this method to be efficient in helping you to draw.

Do you want to expand comprehension of how to draw delightful chicken cartoons? I have positioned collectively a step by step tutorial that will assist you to outline how to draw chickens cartoon by using easy shapes to build up this chicken’s form. Everyone i.e. Kids, teens and adults can enjoy this step by step tutorial.

You can learn how to draw cartoon chicken with necessary shapes, numbers and letters. It seems only right; knowing how to draw a cartoon chicken is a must with respect to drawing cartoon animals.

Let us learn how to draw cartoon chicken step by step.

Step 1:

This cartoon chicken may look simple to draw, but there are a few little complicated parts that you are going to have to look out for while you are drawing. To start things off, we will generate three different shapes.

The two ovals will make the main body and the tail. The upper side cup shape will create the head of the cartoon chicken. You have to remember to seize your pencil unconscientiously as you sketch so that if you make various faults they can be erased easily.

You have to undertake and obtain the shapes that are similar to the example image as shown in the figure to make persuaded that you are initializing on the right foot.

Step 2: Specifying the head of the chicken

In this step, you have to add another circle inside of the main body circle. This will be the starting of the body of the cartoon chicken. At the bottom of the head, you have to make three bumps at the base of the neck where it attaches to the body.

After that, add a little curve to create the beak and add a small simple dot for the eye.

Let us move to the next step.

Step 3:

This step might look a little frightening, but follow along here and we will get through adding all of these details. First for the head, you have to add a few little curves to the top of the chicken’s head. Then insert two small circles beneath the chicken’s beak. You may discern that in this step a small part of the eye was erased to show a shimmering part of the eye. Adding this detail is not obligatory, but it is one of those things that really helps make your drawing look immense.

Next add lines for the feet. Notice that these lines are a little thicker than the other lines of the body. This is a style option. It is up to you if you would like to make the legs thicker or not.

The last part of this step is to add some spiky details to the bottom side of the tail for your chicken cartoon. Follow the example image as shown below and try to equivalent it as close as possible. You have remembered to draw lightly because this part of the cartoon chicken will get changed in the next step.

Step 4:

In this step, you have to connect the two circles that you drew beneath the beak into one shape. After that, add three bumps to the back of the wing to give it a more interesting shape than the simple circle we had in the last step.

Finally, add colors to your cartoon chicken to make it more beautiful as shown below.

Good luck!!! Happy Drawing…


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