How To Draw Feet Step By Step


How To Draw Feet Step By Step



Before we start our Foot Drawing tutorial be sure to take note of the bones inside the foot. This will help you when putting in the detail when drawing the actual male or female foot. How To Draw Human Feet Step 1b Step 1 – I dont its beneficial to draw feet in isolation. Its better to draw feet in proportion to and fit onto the body of the figure that your going to be drawing or painting.

Okay, so in this tutorial we will be testing out a new technique in drawing the feet in these figures that you see on this web page.

How To Draw Human Feet Step 1


Muscles and Bone Inside the Feet

Get a separate piece of paper and sketch out the guidelines of the feet. as you can see in the tutorial figures on this webpage the lines are basic and simple to help you get the idea.


Get a blank sheet of drawing paper and use your pencil. Simply draw out the rough guidelines of the drawing of the foot. How To Draw Human Feet Step 1c lateral-arch Draw in the really rough lines loosely. Do not press down too hard on the paper in the beginning stages.


Step 2 – Go over your rough lines and start putting in the detail. How To Draw Human Feet 1d The outer-arch Be sure to enter in all the detail in the ankle, arch of the foot and the arch of the top of the foot. How To Draw Human Feet – Step 1e Foot medial-arch



Step 3 – The Toes. This big tow is the biggest of all toes and the one closest to us. Again, I am not a master, but it curves around as you can see in the image below.

Note: Drawing the ties can be tricky and hard if your new to human anatomy. Refer to the images below of the human bone structure in the foot/ feet for reference.

How To Draw The Bones In The Human Foot

Getting an idea of how to draw the bones inside of the foot will help you a lot when trying to draw the actual hand with the skin over the bones. Notice how the bones connect to each other and how the muscles and tendents connect to the bones for movement.



How To Draw Human Feet Muscle Bone Structure 2014 refference

Foot Anatomy – Step By Step


How To Draw Human Feet 2014 foot bones guide 1 How To Draw Human Feet Foot Bones Muscles Step 2
There are many varieties and shapes of the human foot.

Many artists struggle with adult feet, baby feet, kids feet and basically just feet anatomy in general. Pick up as many anatomy books as possible to learn the ins and outs of drawing the foot and foot anatomy.