Drawing and Cartooning – worth a thousand words

by ryan on February 3, 2018


Drawing and Cartooning – worth a thousand words


I could call myself lucky – I was born with a talent for drawing. I drew often as a child and received praise aplenty for my artworks…sometimes too much praise.

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But despite all the 10’s for art homework, I never received more than the expected admiration..I never received any actual tutoring or inspiration to develop my talent. By 14 years of age I’d lost all sense of interest, and turned my creative attention to photography.

Cartoon Lesson Images:

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This lasted until about 10 years ago, by which time I’d become a father. And my son became the inspiration to begin drawing again – making small picture books for him, drawing the characters from his own imagination-filled adventures.

The old talent was back in action and renewed passion took hold of me. Illustrating children’s books became a professional career, and I’m more inspired and motivated than ever.

Illustrating books
But it hasn’t stopped there – illustrating books was a stepping-stone to cartooning. My illustrations were always a little cartoonish, so the step was not so astounding, but I didn’t have any experience with the actual process of designing cartoons. That was a talent that I wasn’t born with – a talent that I’d have to learn and develop.

I must admit, I’ve studied a lot of drawings in the last 10 years. I’ve learned a lot by copying the styles and techniques of other professional children’s-book illustrators and cartoonists, and developed my own individual style as a result.

But even though I’m doing something other people would call a “perfect job”, I’m not entirely satisfied… I want to do more. I want to expand my experience of drawing and cartooning, understand what it is, what it can do and be within the broader spectrum of my life.


It seems that just “drawing” is not the point, it’s more about the communicational power of drawing, the depth of expression it allows, and the limitless potential for individuality it grants to the artist.

And this is the passion that drives me now. Drawing, illustrating, cartooning isn’t just about getting the subject to look right. It isn’t about being able to draw a face or a dog or a car correctly or funnily. It is a means to see, to understand, to react to-and comment on-the world around us.

It is a means to create and re-create… to give form to our emotions and imaginations.

A picture is worth a thousand words…and drawing is the most simple way to make a picture



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