How to draw cartoon eyes

by ryan on July 11, 2017


How to draw cartoon eyes


How to draw cartoon eyes?

Yes, it is very easy to draw cartoon eyes. The eyes are among the most important features for any cartoon. The eyes are the most expressive parts of the face and are part of what makes each character dissimilar and recognizable. Thus, it is very significant to be able to sketch them correctly. In this step by step tutorial, I will show you how to draw a variety of cartoon eyes.




You will be able to draw the shape of eyes and how to confine people’s emotions and expressions by just drawing the eyes. You will be able to do so after this step by step tutorial.


Cartoon eyes come in all different types of shapes and sizes whether they belong to a boy cartoon character or girl cartoon characters.

Here, let’s seize a look at creating unique sets of eyes, this is based on the very same cartoon head. This way, with the most slight of differences, you can better understand just how simple it is to come up with a look that’s distinctively your own!

When drawing human eyes on cartoon characters, try different shapes and correct the detail depending on the gender of the cartoon character. There are moderately a few types of eyes that you can study to sketch with effortlessness in no time and keep experimenting with the shapes and sizes to give different looks. Let us first try the most common types.

Eyes actually animate a face, so it is essential to master all types of eyes if you wish to become a good artist. This step by step tutorial will instruct you how you can enclose the eyes and eyebrows in the same plane, or basic shape, to make sure they support consistently.

Different cartoonists draw in dissimilar ways. Almost all use some trick or other to rapidly and effortlessly state feeling. Most cartoonists make use of the eyes as the fast way that they show emotions to their readers.

Since every face is different this is an exercise in personal surveillance and assessment. A significant element in building an expression on your character’s face is the eyes. The eyes in cartoons are frequently just dots or circles; the expression in the eyes comes from the brows and any added lines you insert.

In this step by step lesson, learn how to draw Cartoon Eyes! These steps make it simple and fun through step by step instructions, which consist of pictures. Skew the eyebrows sliding for an angry look, or up for an astonished look! Bend the middle downwards for a worried expression, up for an even better challenge. Endeavor adding the eyes to a face, and see how many expressions you can generate!

How to draw cartoon eyes, mix and match to create your cartoons.

Let us learn how to draw eyes cartoon step by step.

Step 1:

In this step, you have to sketch two horizontal lines across your paper. After that, you have to add three circles in between the lines. The circles do not have to be ideal; in fact, they should be rather small and squatty. The two circles on the outside are the cartoon eyes, and the sphere in the center guarantees the proper placement between the eyes.

Step 2: Outlining the eyes cartoon

In this step, you have to attach two small circles on the inside of the eyes for the split ducts. These circles should be extra egg shaped, with the point directed towards the center circle. Go further on and outline around what you have completed to attach the duct to the eye.

Let us move to the next step.

Step 3: Drawing lashes, eyebrows and lids

In this step, add a thick lash to the edges of the cartoon eyes, as well as eye lids. These do not require being very detailed: an effortless curve or two above each eye is abundance. Also, go forward and sketch out the eyebrows. Much like the shape of the eye, these do not need to be just right, either, because no one has perfect eyebrows. If they are a little irregular, it only adds to the picture.

Step 4:

Now is the time to include the iris, which can be placed at any angle in the eye. For this picture, however, I have selected to place the iris at the top of the cartoon eye, giving the eyes the consciousness of looking up. Subsequently, add a small circle in the very middle of the iris, which is the pupil. A voluntary element, but one that will definitely make your eyes popular, is the shine which is located at the top of the iris, to illustrate where light is hitting the eye. Once those are placed, go in front and add can underneath eye lid.

Step 5: Inking the cartoon eyes

In this step, all you have to do next is go over everything. Pay unusual attention to the way the eye does not completely block off the tear duct; and use small spaces such as the lid spaces, and the eye spaces to your benefit. The small spaces show that everything is associated to the imperceptible face behind the cartoon eyes.

Step 6: Erasing the lines

In this step, you have to remove all of the redundant pencil lines. Be persuaded to confer your marker a few moments to dry so that you can carry out the spreading all of the inking.

Step 7: Drawing eyelashes and pupils of your cartoon eye

In this step, you have to fill in the eye lashes on your cartoon eyes, and the pupil in the middle. Also, if you want the eyes to emerge more feminine, add a few additional lashes to the top and the bottom of the eye.

Step 8: Coloring your cartoon eyes

In this step, you have to choose a few of your preferred color markers and then color the eyes. I used a very light blue, and then used a darker blue to go back over the top. An admired style is to get lighter with the color as you move away from the top of the eye. It causes the iris to seem as if it had more intensity. The tear ducts can be a pale pink or coral.

Go further on and fill in your eyebrows, too, fixing any obvious unevenness between the brows.

I wish you understood this step by step tutorial of cartoon eyes and keep practicing your cartoon eyes.


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