How To Draw Caricatures

by ryan on June 19, 2017


How To Draw Caricatures


Drawing caricatures is very easy and full of fun. As you can see, there isn’t any proportion at this point. Sketch how ever you want. Make head seem large or little with a gigantic noses and miniature eyes and bushy eye brow. It does not matter. Everything just as you imagine.

Caricatures drawing discloses your imagination and how far it may be advancing. But make sure that who ever you are drawing will be able to identify themselves.

Make sure that the characteristics of face are identical. When drawing caricature the whole thing just overdrawn. If you exaggerate more it will appear more cartoony and if you overdo less it will look more natural. May well be trying something in the middle would be just right.

While you draw one caricature and it’s not going to come out just the way you want it, don’t despair. Memorize that the whole thing arrives with training. The harder you will put into practice the better looking caricatures you’ll have.

How To Draw Caricatures Video

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