The Sketchbook and The Artist

by ryan on March 22, 2017


The Sketchbook and The Artist


A sketchbook is more than just a lot of white pages held together. Even after filling all the pages, is more than just a collection of drawings. A sketchbook is a diary of life.

When someone looks at my sketch book they’re looking at deep parts of me, even if they don’t notice it. It is hard to explain to someone who is not much inclined towards art, but that’s the way it is.

Even what could look as wacky lines on the paper, can have a lot of menaing to you, it is all a pathway to self discovery trough art.

A sketchbook is the place were the artist learns, experiments, and without it there could be no final drawing, a Mona Lisa or a Picasso Drawing.

I like to think it as the ultimate refuge.

What does a sketchbook mean to you?

Example Sketchbook pages :

VIDEOS: 1 – 3 drawing step by step for sketchbooks


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