Learning to draw is learning to see

by ryan on March 21, 2017


Learning to draw is learning to See



I don’t remember where I read this line, but it sure stayed in my mind after all these years of drawing. I think is very true.

When starting a drawing, you can go and say that’s easy – or that’s soooo hard!! Either way that reveals a lack of proper observation of the subject. To me drawing an apple can be as challenging as drawing a man fishing on a lake. The challenges on both are different, and I feel I can learn from both as much. It is the path of learning,a nd the first lesson, and the one that you should always carry with you, is learning to see.

Seeing is truly loking at subject without any prejudice. Even when you are drawing out of your mind you are looking at the subject. Your mission is to translate what’s in your brain to the paper, wood, wall, or whatever your prefer.

I find useful first to not draw at all, just sit there, watch, or close your eyes, and search what you want. If you haven’t tried this enver before, you will start to find some things you never saw before, new forms, relations, and with every drawing you make you will learn a lot more.

How To Draw What you See Images and Videos :

pencil-How To Draw What you See

pots-of-tea-How To Draw What you See

eye-round-How To Draw What you See

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How To Draw What you See

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