How to Draw a Car

by ryan on June 18, 2017


How to Draw a Car


Learning how to draw cars is an extremely common subject when it involves drawing.

How to Draw a Traditional Car in five Steps

1. Draw Shape and Circles

For the main half of the body, draw a large rectangle that is just about finished. On prime of its right half, form a rectangle with a slanted left end to create the driver’s-side windows. On top of it, add an extended skinny rectangle that’s slanted for the roof.

2. Draw Wheels and Fenders

Add a curved line to the roof of the car. To create the tires, draw a circle inside the back and front wheels and an unfinished circle within the spare tire. Add curved lines around the wheels and along the underside of the car to make the running board and fenders.

3. Add Hubcaps

Use straight and curved lines to make the front grille and also the roof support columns.

4. Add Doors

Use some straight and curved lines to create the doors. Draw little thin rectangles for the door handles.

5. Add Shading

Darken the tires, running board, prime of the side windows, and half of the trunk area. Draw a straight line below the dark areas within the side windows.

One of the foremost simplest and best ways to find out how to draw a car is to read the e-book written by Tim Rugendyke entitled, ‘How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy.’ You’ll realize all the instructions in a very clear concise method that will have you ever drawing cars in less than thirty minutes.

Using the guidelines and techniques that they provide you with will show you the way straightforward it’s to create your dream of drawing cars a reality. You may be ready to download their drawing guide that’s full of superb facts only professional artists and designers are using. The quick and simple practical directions will help you master the foundations to sketching cars.

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