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by ryan on June 18, 2017


The Secrets To Drawing Anime and Manga


You know, those guys and girls are so good, they can whip up a cute character, or a fight scene, or an explosion, in minutes!



Imagine being able to do that. Being able to draw anything, from any angle, in any position, without effort.



And drawing entire illustrations, even comic books or storyboards for cartoon series, that are simply… AWESOME!

No wonder they’re pros. I mean you’d have to be really good to be paid to draw. (Now there’s a career – getting paid to do what you love, all day long. And having thousands of fans adore your work and eager to see your next creation. How cool would that be?)

Well, a while back, I was desperate to know how to draw like a pro. Why? Because I wanted to create my own anime and manga characters.

But, no matter how hard I tried – no matter how many times I sketched all my favorite anime and manga characters – I just couldn’t seem to produce drawings that looked as good as the ones I saw in the comics and magazines.

Video 2 

Sure, I bought all the “how to draw anime” and “how to draw manga” books – I’ve got about 12 of ’em and a stack of ebooks – and I visited all the free tutorials on the web (you should see my list of “Favorites”). But some of them were just too basic, others too advanced, some skipped over the essentials, others were just plain boring, and some were in poor English that I could barely understand.

And as for learning at an art school or college… well the schools and colleges where I live (Melbourne, Australia) just don’t offer courses on how to draw anime and manga! And anyway, who wants to trudge through months, maybe years, of classes on perspective, figure drawing, drawing portraits, painting, and all those general art subjects… when all I want to draw is anime and manga!

Sad Girl

(Not to say those other things aren’t worthwhile or important – I just want to get straight to drawing what I love).

So I Asked the Experts!

It didn’t take me long to work out that the only way I was going to find out how to draw anime and manga like a pro was to …ask a pro to show me! Preferably more than one (so I could learn more tips, tricks and techniques!)

So, I worked out exactly what I wanted to learn – from how to draw faces and bodies, to how to draw action scenes – and decided to ask a few top anime and manga artists to show me, step-by-step, how they did it. Now, I paid over $1,000 for this “private tuition”. But then I got to thinking…

What About You? What about everyone else? What about you?

You want to know how to draw anime and manga like a pro too, right? But can you afford to shell out thousands of dollars to get some professional anime and manga artists to personally show you their secrets?

Well, it occurred to me that there were probably lots of other budding anime and manga artists like you. All eager to learn all the tricks and techniques that the pros use to produce their amazing illustrations…

…but who can’t afford to pay all these artists to teach them.

Use these anime tutorials to help you draw like a pro today: Also – Download the free Ebook and Videos.




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