Drawings Step By Step: Draw A Face Step By Step

by ryan on April 1, 2017


Drawings Step By Step: Draw A Face Step By Step


Here at Drawings Step By Step we understand that drawing faces is not as easy as many people think, though some people have oodles of natural talent, others like myself, really need to learn sketching step by step. Therefore guidance, dedication and a dash of passion in required to master the art of drawing realistic faces.

So if like I was, you are looking for a sketching step by step guide but are not sure which one is best for you, then I hope my review of Drawing Step By Step ‘s Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery will help you to know if it is the right course to learn drawing faces step by step.

The first thing I noticed when looking at Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery, is that it didn’t make any outrageous promises, this is really important for me when choosing a drawing step by step guide;


If you’re looking for how to learn drawings step by step in a week then this is not the course for you. Rather if you are looking for a complete draw a face step by step guide that will take you from complete beginner to true portrait drawing mastery, then keep reading.

Christopher Sia; Realistic Pencil Portrait Sketching Mastery’s creator, has been teaching realistic drawing for over 5 years, using a complete drawing faces step by step program developed over more than 20 years. Only through extensive sketching workshops and expensive tutorials, not to mention countless hours of trial and error was Christopher able to develop this complete drawing step by step system.

This is only a review, for Pencil Portrait Mastery ‘s official site click here.

What Is Drawings Step By Step ‘s Self Study Course?

Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Contains 5 core lessons, along with complete drawing step by step diagrams and a complete 12 week draw a face step by step program.

Lesson 1: Mastering How To Draw Realistic Eyes

Lesson 2: Mastering How To Draw Realistic Noses

Lesson 3: Mastering How To Draw Realistic Mouths And Teeth

Lesson 4: Mastering How To Draw Realistic Ears

Lesson 5: Mastering How To Draw Realistic Hair

For a full description of all these lessons go to Pencil Portrait Mastery

What Made Drawings Step By Step Program Stand Out To Me?

A comprehensive draw a face step by step program, taking you from complete beginner to full drawing mastery
Easy to follow clear instruction
Great step by step diagrams make it easy to follow
No unrealistic promises
60 days no 100% money back guarantee
The best value for money course I found online
What To Consider Before Buying Drawing Step By Step

The primary thing to consider are that Drawings Step By Step in not a learn to draw in one week course, or a weekend sketching workshop, and you will only get out what you put in. However if you are willing to commit to the 12 week draw a face step by step program that comes with this course, then I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results you will achieve. I found it was best to set a bit of time time aside each day to follow the drawing step by step program, but make sure you enjoy yourself and don’t try to rush the process.

Also make sure you get the right drawing pencils to ensure the best results.

The Drawings Step By Step Challenge

Using Pencil Portrait Mastery sketching step by step program, hundreds of people have mastered the art of drawing faces and I would really like you to join them

Therefore I am asking you to try Pencil Portrait Mastery risk free for 60 day, if for any reason during that period you decide that this isn’t the course for you, then not only will you get a full refund, but you also get to keep everything.

That is how much Christopher and I believe In This Drawing Step By Step Program!

Click Here To Watch More

I can highly recommend Drawings Step By Step ‘s Pencil Portrait Sketching Mastery for anybody who enjoys sketching and wants a complete sketching step by step program that they can use at home and on their own time.

The link below lets you get the complete program(including bonuses) for only $47, discounted from the normal price of $97 that is much cheaper than many other less detailed course available, and certainly more convenient than doing a set of portrait drawing workshops.


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