Learn How To Draw

Want to Learn How To Draw?

Are you interested in drawing?

Have you been scribbling in notebooks and are now finally ready to seek more in depth tutorials and instructions in how to draw better and more professionally?

hatch-n-tools-learn how o draw fast tutorials

Well, if so then I am very happy you are here and happy that you have decided to learn how to draw better.

In this article and instructional tutorial we will be going over a few POWERFUL simple and advanced drawing techniques to get you started.


Step 1 – Pencils and How to Buy and Choose Your Pencils

There are hundreds of different pencils that you can use to draw. Many pencils vary in the softness or hardness.

Here is a short list of pencils that you should have when drawing.

2H, 6H, HB, 6B, 4B, 2B

hatch-n-tools-learn how o draw fast tutorials

Step 2 – How To Hold Your Pencil

Before beginning a drawing we should always sketch in pencil first. When holding the pencil there are many ways to do it.

1. Hold the pencil as if you are about to write letters or numbers.

2. You can also hold the pencil as if it were a brush.


If you have painted in the past with acrylics or oils then you will have a better understanding of what is meant by this.

When using either method by sure not to hold the pencil too tightly.

Step 3 – Smudging To Get Tones In Your Drawings

When your drawing and you want to achieve a realistic tone in your drawing it is a great idea to use a paper stump.

Many artist prefer this paper stump to smudge the lead into the paper rather than using a finger.

Its okay to use your fingers to smudge and blend. The only problem is that your fingers are oily and may contain dirt. This will affect the drawing in a negative way at times.

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