How to draw a Chevelle SS


How to draw a Chevelle SS


Muscle cars drawing tutorials

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Drawing tips on how to draw a Chevelle ss, muscle car:

First if you don’t draw cars on a regular basis, even when you’ve integrated the techniques, it could be a good idea to take a reference of the car you want to draw. Cause every model has his own little details.

Step 1: Begin to draw the guideline sketch. Take the rights proportions.

Step 2: This step is probably the most important. Try to figure the Major lines of the Chevelle. Draw thew on top of the guideline sketch of step 1.

Step 2: Now finish all the details. Ink your car and erase the undesired guidelines.

how-to-draw-a-muscle-car-chevelle-ss-step-2 how-to-draw-a-muscle-car-chevelle-ss-step-3 how-to-draw-a-muscle-car-chevelle-ss-step-1

Close up on the steps of how to draw a Chevelle SS.

Chevelle SS Final drawing




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