Drawing Forms, anatomy and actions


Drawing Forms, anatomy and actions


How to draw anatomy and movements – Learn the basic of drawing

Forms and anatomy

A human caractere should have 3 times the head width and 6 1/2 to 8 times the head tall. Watch on the men and women anatomy exemples how the center of the human body have 3 forms or block. One for the bust, one for the torso and the last for the pelvis.

On this you add the head, arms and legs. Sketching those forms as a first step of your drawing will help you get better proportions and will be nessessary for more complex movements you want to draw. As for the anatomy that you draw on top of it, the only tips here is practice. Use exemples to copy at first and with time you will have the knowledge of where the shapes and muscles are placed. This should not be long for someone seriously interested in learning how to draw.

Man anatomy


Woman anatomy




Here is some exemples of movements you can draw sketching a body frame before going into the details. Once it is done it will give you the rightfull proportions and a 3d feeling of the movement of your caractere. Then you draw the anatomy on top of it.

Movement and anatomy

Man in action


Woman in action


Heroic fantasy fight scenes

Once you’re familiar with body frames and anatomy you can begin to practice how to draw more complex heroic fantasy scenes.

Heroic fantasy scene 1


Heroic fantasy scene 2





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